Due to technical and personal reasons, I'm not able to work on this project anymore. It is now archived and it won't get any further updates.

Thank you everyone for using slashB and for your support and comprehension.

Release Notes



  • The address bar suggests URLs while typing in it.
  • You can jump to navigation history entries by right-clicking the back or forward buttons.
  • Navigation history is now remembered between application restarts.
  • You'll now see an error when pages cannot be loaded.



  • Minor corrections and improvements.



  • You can now zoom the devices, useful if you are working on a small screen.
  • Added more default size presets, for a total of 60.
  • Presets can be filtered.
  • Keyboard events are now synced between devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Click events sometimes were not synchronized.
  • Input events from inside a dialog were not synchronized.
  • Scroll events inside scrollable elements were not synchronized.



  • The DevTools are now opening inside the application and can be docked to the left, right or bottom side of the window.
  • When interacting with one viewport, slashB will mirror all actions (click, focus, scroll, forms input) on the others.
  • New Search in pages options: next/previous item and case-sensitive search.
  • New DevTools extensions: Svelte and Apollo.



  • Added keyboard shortcuts. Select Keyboard Shortcuts from the Help application menu to see all that are available.
  • Added a Clear local storage option.
  • New device actions:
    • Reload page
    • Reload page ignoring cache
    • Clear device cache
    • Clear device cookies
    • Clear device local storage
  • Re-designed devices toolbar: it now shows the device name and a menu with actions.
  • Re-designed side menu UI.
  • When hovering a link, it now shows a link address preview.
  • Improved user experience of taking screenshots.


  • When entering an address without a scheme specified, it now defaults to http instead of https.



  • First release
  • Basic navigation bar (address bar, back, forward, reload)
  • Sync scrolling
  • Sync navigation
  • Organize devices:
    • Add
    • Remove
    • Duplicate/Clone
    • Reorder
    • List view
    • Columns view
  • Edit device properties:
    • Name
    • Size
    • User agent
    • Visibility
  • Device actions:
    • Rotate
    • Show DevTools
    • Take visible page screenshot
    • Take full page screenshot
  • Size presets
  • User agent presets
  • Presets editor
  • Light/Dark themes
  • Toggle side menu visibility
  • Actions for all devices:
    • Rotate all devices
    • Clear cache
    • Clear cookies
    • Search in pages
  • DevTools extensions:
    • React
    • MobX
    • Redux
    • Vue
    • Angular
    • JQuery